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This two year program includes action based research projects that incorporate extensive study and practical experience under the supervision of an experienced Montessori teacher trainer.  It is designed for teachers who already have an AMS recognized Montessori Elementary Credential.

CAMSV Montessori teacher trainers are recognized for their active involvement within the Montessori community.  They bring a broad array of expertise; knowledge and skills to help those who are interested in becoming future CAMSV Montessori Foundation and Elementary Credential Program Instructors or are just interested in deepening their understanding of Montessori pedagogy within a supportive learning community.

Admission Requirements

  • MACTE Recognized Montessori Elementary Credential

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • English Proficiency (written and oral)

Mentorship: What We Do

Elementary Credential and Mentorship programs offered in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada

Early Childhood Programs offered in Shenzhen, China

Zhuang  Mishuai

Mentorship: Contact
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