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Elementary Credential Programs

Admission Requirements

  • Degree from an accredited college/university* 

  • English proficiency (oral and written) 

  • Successful completion of  an AMS approved Foundation Course or Montessori ECE credential program

Selection Procedure

  • Review of 3 letters of recommendation and university transcripts

  • Applicant interview 

Applicants with college/university degrees will be given preference.  Applicants without a degree will be considered pending an interview and review of qualifications and life experience.  

Applicants accepted without a college/university degree are required to complete a degree within three years from the start date of the elementary credential program.  An AMS Montessori Elementary Credential can not be issued if this requirement is not met.

Foundation Course Application (prerequisite for Elementary Credential programs if applicant does not have an AMS approved Montessori Early Childhood Credential or Montessori ECE credential program )

  • submit registration form and non refundable application fee

  • three letters of recommendation

  • two official university transcripts

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Shenzhen, China

Early Childhood Montessori Credential Course

Applicants for an Early Childhood credential must hold a minimum of: 

  1. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university or its equivalent. 

  2. For adult learners whose post-secondary studies are outside of the U.S.: An Early Childhood credential may be awarded to adult learners who hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher from a non-U.S. college/university that is determined not to be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university by a recognized credential evaluation service or a regionally accredited college/university, while still meeting the nationally recognized post-secondary educational standard in the state, province, or country of issuance. The degree and country in which the degree was awarded are indicated on the credential. To qualify, the degree’s regular program length must include a minimum of three years of study – degree programs of less than three years qualify the credential candidate for an Associate Early Childhood credential. 

Associate Early Childhood Credential


Applicants for an Associate Early Childhood Credential must hold a minimum of: 

  1. A secondary level approved/recognized (high school) diploma, GED, or the international equivalent, but who has not earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university or its equivalent as determined by a recognized credential evaluation service. Candidates for an Associate Early Childhood credential must complete all requirements for the course in which they are enrolled. Upon completion, they should represent themselves only as holding an Associate Early Childhood credential. 

  2. Applicants for the Montessori Associate Early Childhood course who do not have a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent are required to sign a statement verifying that they understand that some locations or schools may not accept an Associate credential as the qualification for full teaching responsibility. 

  3. Holders of an Associate Early Childhood credential are strongly encouraged to obtain their bachelor’s degree within seven years of credentialing. 

  4. Teachers with an Associate Early Childhood credential are eligible for upgrade to a Full Early Childhood Credential upon completing the bachelor degree requirement.  Submission of an official transcript documenting this completion is required.  Please contact the Director of the Training Program for more details upon completion of the bachelors.

Admission process and criteria for selection  

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma, submit three letters of recommendation (preferable a combination of academic, professional, and personal), official college transcripts or a high school diploma and be interviewed by a CAMSV Faculty member.

Once all application materials (and the non-refundable application fee) have been received, an interview (phone or in person) will be scheduled. Late registrations will be accepted based on availability of space in the program. 

Adults with a criminal record of child abuse, drug abuse, or other major criminal offense may not apply to this program.

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