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CAMSV’s Elementary credential programs are designed to facilitate an understanding of the Montessori  integrated, interdisciplinary, holistic approach to education for children ages 6-9 (Elementary I)  and 9-12 years (Elementary II).

The content of the programs address the skills and competencies necessary for successful implementation of the Montessori approach to education in public and private elementary Montessori classrooms.

Mathematics, geometry, language, geography, history, biology, physical sciences, curriculum design, classroom leadership, Montessori philosophy, child development, practical life, art, music, movement and physical education curriculum strands are interwoven in the academic component of the credential programs. 

The courses flow continually from a view of the whole, to a study of the details, and then back to the whole again. 

A year-long practicum/field study in a pre-approved Montessori Elementary prepared environment is an integral component of the credential programs.  This can be completed in the candidate's classroom if it meets American Montessori Society and MACTE requirements.

Application Procedure



Montessori Elementary Credential Program Prerequisite

The Foundation Course focuses on the historical and philosophical foundations underlying Montessori pedagogy. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics and development of Montessori early childhood learning environments that provide the foundation for the elementary years. Topics include the evolution of the Montessori approach, developmental stages in learning, and the rationale behind the Montessori prepared environment.

Delivery Method 

The online self-paced program is designed to be completed within 90 days. Acceptance into the elementary credential program is contingent upon successful completion of the Foundation Course or an AMS approved ECE Montessori credential. 

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